Data Shark & Side Hustle: LAB BETA


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Data Shark

This tier is for those who are ready and willing to change their lives with by working with DataLAB.  Members who subscribe to Data Shark will get all the benefits of the “Datanaut Tier” as well as some behind the Scenes access with a private discord channel to let Shark’s meet and work through their own problems and journeys. These people may have some data skills and are working on the business and people skills to advance, or may have a business and need help from Data Experts.

Rob plans on engaging in conversations with this channel in Discord before and after some live streams.

Get access to behind the scenes content, early access to some content, and help us to build DataLAB into something that benefits you and everyone in the community – and also get access to everything in the previous two tiers! This is an annual subscription.

Side Hustle: Like A Business

Stuck at your job or waiting on starting that business you dream about? Rob built this course for 5 types of people who:
…want to start a business, but works a shift job.
…were recently laid off and are now evaluating their career options.
…want to get promoted but need a new approach to self improvement.
…started a side hustle, and it is running away from them!
…are ready to get serious about running their “small” business like a mature business.