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Rob Schenck - Founder & CEO

Data Like A Business

We are in the data age and to get into a data related career the current options are:

  1. Commit 4 yrs (FULL TIME) and TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS learning programming or business via college
  2. Spend thousands on a “boot camp” that might be over your head, and leave you feeling unprepared
  3.  Join us and learn how to use Data Like A Business!! 

You can start at the free tier, and we’ll teach you how to set goals for yourself and get them DONE. 

80% of any data related job is making sure the right metrics are being targeted, measured and achieved.  

But how do you get experience in that without already having some?

SIMPLE!  You find somewhere you can learn, practice and build those skills and has people to help teach you.

We gamify your learning path. 

While we are building DataLAB (and other businesses) I will be actively engaging with members to get feedback on how best to build out the platform

I will personally be available via our discord and have some fun ways I will be sharing REAL LIFE data problems  that I encounter, and how I fix them. 

I’ve been working with data, mostly remotely, for over 10 years.  After working with a number of Fortune 500 companies I noticed a glaring trend.  

People were confused about data.  

Confused on how to talk about it, on how to question it the right ways, and what it really can tell you and what is outside of it’s limits.   

I instructed classes in person and remote for Sr Analysts to VP’s responsible for sizable portfolios.  All with the same issue.   

How can we get those “data ninjas” we talked about having in the planning meeting?   

How do we make sure our data is set up in the right way that they’re even useful?

How will this run long term?


Having designed and built data systems of all sizes, and taught people how to get better at working with data, I identified the need for DataLAB.

While I work my queue of “Data Experiements” (where I will use the scientific method, and work with existing data, or identify how we can generate some real data) I’ll record and stream my work so we can all learn.

Members will be able to submit their own “Data Experiements” where I will personally help evaluate their observation, hypothesis, and list of available data, to see if we can prove or disprove their hypotheses.

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Rob and his associates have worked in the data industry across all functional areas of business and industries. Come build what you know. 

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