Side hustle: LAB

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The Side Hustle:LAB Course is designed to help people who 

Want to build skills for a job by taking a hobby seriously

 Want to turn your hobby into a BUSINESS

Get control of a business that is running you!

Do you ever feel like...


You would start that side business or hobby if you just had a guide to follow?

You are waiting for the right time to get started, and you don't want to waste time figuring it all out alone?

You have skills you want to build for your resume, but maybe need a place to learn and practices those new skills?

You're doing things manually and want to learn how to make and use simple systems to automate some of your business tasks?

You want improve as a business owner and feel like you are running Like a Business

You would rather spend less time keeping up with your business and more time running it?

If Any Of This Resonated With You, My Course Package Has Exactly What You Need!

On-demand videos

I’ll give you a framework to collect your ideas and finish that plan you’ve been putting off getting all the way done.

Practice Files

I’ll give you a framework to collect your ideas and finish that plan you’ve been putting off getting all the way done.

Fillable Templates

to help sort through ideas and keep track of the planning process

Access to me and my team

in our DataLAB Community! A private Discord Server so you can communicate with other students, instructors and podcast guest

Course Curriculum

91 Video Lessons •

Maybe you have some ideas for a side hustle, and maybe you don’t.  I’ll guide you through coming up with ideas and organizing them. So you pick YOUR BEST IDEA to work on

Learn how to identify what else is left to do to get you business started!

Each business is different. I give you a framework to walk through whatever idea you choose in the previous lessons. 

Then we get serious about what you need to do next to get your business started!

Not only will we show you our resources to get help, but I’ll cover what FREE recourses you can use to get going. 

There are TONS of online and local resources but you need to know where and how to access them.  

I’ll explain what they are and when each helps.

During this course I launch a microgreens business.  So I’m not just telling you what to do. I show you how to do it.  

Have a question or want to ask me something? Reach out to me!   Here or on discord we want this to be a community of learners willing to help each other. 

Rob Schenck

Data Rob And Instructor

My desire is to help people over come their fear of data and business topics.

They can be scary topics to try and tackle.  And the best way to learn is alongside someone showing you how they do it.  

I try to follow the advice my dad gave me in our book.

‘Don’t be a “Sage on the Stage”, be a “Guide on the Side” ‘

Please, join us today

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This course is separated into easy to consume and understand sections. Each section is intended for you to take at your own pace, and refer back to if needed.

The entirety of the course should take you around 9 hours.

Once you’ve purchased the course, you will have the ability to start and progress through it at your own pace.

All courses through DataLAB come with lifetime access. Purchase the course once and come back whenever you choose to review or take it.

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