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Byte Sized Greens (aka BSGreens.com) was created as a way to spend time with my kids, and help educate them on healthier eating choices.

We’ve now grown into a local food business, and want to help uplift our community by providing affordable healthy eating choices. Our greens are locally grown, with your health in mind.

At Byte Sized Greens, Our Greens Aren’t BS!

Local Microgreens.
Local Delivery.

We grow our seeds hydroponically in water filtered by reverse osmosis to make sure only Seed and the CLEANEST water go into our products.

Eating locally grown produce has less impact on our environment and means your greens are handled by less people between growing and your plate.

At the moment we will do local delivery to our local community in Gurnee, Illinois! As we continue to grow with our community we will expand into other delivery methods.

Microgreens Speckled Peas

Speckled Pea Microgreens

Starting At: $6

Wheatgrass microgreens


Starting At: $6

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Why Microgreens?

Microgreens are a way to add Flavor, Variety fresh tastes to existing dishes!  

1. Flavorful

Microgreens are harvested before the plants reach full size, capturing  the fresh flavors you love but with new textures to explore.

2. Replace Boring Veggies

While we don’t recommend COMPLETELY switching to microgreens from regular vegetables, adding microgreens to your cooking adds variety to otherwise repetative dishes

3. Nutritious

There are lots of studies that show how nutritious microgreens are, Here’s a couple of our favorites for those new to the benefits and risks of  microgreens.

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At Byte Sized Greens we’re always testing new seeds!! 

If you have a plant you’re interested in trying as a microgreen, let us know and we may be able to add it to our lineup!

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