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Build a Side Hustle: Like A Business, escape the 9-5 rat race,
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Can you relate to these feelings and challenges the students in this course experienced in their careers?

Challenge #1

“The daily grind of working 9-5 causes me stress and takes away from the time I’d like to be spending doing other things…”

Challenge #2

“I’ve spent so long in my current career path that I’m worried switching careers won’t be worth it…”

Challenge #3

“If I could find a way to make money doing something I love I would be much happier”

Challenge #4

“I was desperate for a change in pace in my career but didn’t have any direction for that change…”

Challenge #5

“I’ve spent so much time producing value for others, I just wish my time felt more valuable to me…

And I bet you can agree that...

… you’re this close to giving up? Spending day after day working to produce thousands for your company to only see pennies return, losing valuable time and energy you could be spending on things you love and your family.

Buy this course
and we guarantee these

  • A guided experience to convert your hobbies, passions, and business ideas into actionable steps for making money
  • A template for developing your business ideas
  • Learn about the professionals you need to have in your corner to start and maintain a business
  • Learn about the different types of business and which you should establish for your side hustle
  • A downloadable framework for identifying and solving problems that is applicable to all aspects of life and business
  • You will have the tools and knowledge you need to build something great in two weeks time

"My college professor told my class they would have 10-20 jobs in their career. I took a look around the room and thought to myself, "Ha! All of these guys might, but I won't", and after 6 enough was enough, I had to take responsibility for my own career."

Rob Schenck, CEO RDBI Solutions & DataLAB LLC.

What's possible with
Side Hustle: L.A.B.?

Side Hustle: Like A Business is a the passion project of a data specialist driven by a desire to help others level up their lives by understanding how to make money for themselves.

Working on your own terms isn’t something that is reserved for the corporate elite.
Spend less time giving away value, and start producing value for YOU.

Our Mission is to maximize your ability to take something you love and turn it into something that also supports you financially.

It all starts with setting expectations...

This lays the framework for success in business. Get the push you need to go from being a dreamer to a motivated entreprenuer.

Through this 10 hours of course material, you will learn…

  • How to pick the correct licensing when
    starting a business
  • How to establish a professional network to maintain your business
  • How to filter through business ideas to
    find the best one
  • the key to leveling up your hobbies into a career
"This course taught me how to respect my time more, and showed me the value in my work. Now I'm working full time as a video editor in my spare time, and the extra money I'm making is allowing me to care for my family better."
Dave Barlowe
At Home Caregiver Turned Professional Video Editor
"Rob’s course was the motivational kick in the butt I needed to actually ACT on my product ideas. I went from being a dreamer with grand ideas to a motivated individual working to bring a physical product to market that currently does not exist, all within two weeks of time."
Travis M.

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Follow Rob & Byte Sized Greens

What’s unique about Side Hustle: Like A Business? You get to follow along as Rob creates his own side hustleByte Sized Greens.

See videos of the process, get an insider’s look at the data behind it all, and learn a little bit about microgreens along the way!

See the successes and the failures that are part of making your side hustle into a business and career, while learning how to do it yourself!

Join the course now and be there in real time as Byte Sized Greens becomes a reality!

Everyone says they'll teach you to start a business, but few walk you through it in real time...

Get it all for only $250

The business coaching alone...

… could cost up to $500 an hour. Get the knowledge you need to start your side hustle at a fraction of the cost, and get an invaluable network of professionals, too!

"After being fired four times from positions I was told "you're doing great" at, I decided it was time to take control of my career. I learned from every failure and was able to establish RDBI Solutions, a data consulting company that generates over $150,000 a year."

Rob Schenck, CEO RDBI Solutions & DataLAB LLC.

Utilize a Framework Created to Plan and Execute $1,000,000 Projects

  • Refine a list of business ideas into actionable business plans
  • Streamline the process of establishing your business legally & legitimately
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to identify bottlenecks and provide the resources needed to increase revenue

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