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Dave Barlowe

I have years of experience in both the creation of marketing content as well as the editing and production that comes with it. I come with 10+ years experience working with and recording audio, and my skills with lighting, and video are matched by very few.

I have wanted to start a side hustle of my own for years, but I didn’t know how to take the first steps. Thanks to DataLAB, I’m able to work full time from home as a content creator and video editor, and offer these services to you.

I’m able to provide professional editing skills, tips on how to get the best recordings possible, and experience working with a wide variety of clients. I pride myself on being easy to understand, quick to produce results, and affordable. I provide a quality product and a stress-free work experience at every step of the way.

A Deeper Look At

Services Offered

Video Editing &

Poorly edited videos can reflect negatively on your brand or business. From professional looking lower thirds to sensible transitions, color grading and correction – portraying you in your best light is at the forefront of my process. My process involves creating a plan that satisfies your individual needs, and leaves you happy with the results.

Sound Design &

No matter how good your video is, audio problems can ruin the viewer’s experience. I come with over 10 years experience working with audio, and I can identify problems just as quickly as I can fix it for you. I do it all, from fixing your umms and uhhs, to rebalancing your volume and EQing you to sound as good as you possibly can.

YouTube Channel Consulting

Over the last five years I’ve spent the majority of my non-editing time working with other content creators and brands to ensure their YouTube channels are at peak performance. Whether this is awareness,  monetization, or to reach a broader audience, I have the skills and knowledge required for a successful YouTube channel including SEO, thumbnail generation, keyword research, scheduling, and A/B Testing.

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Working with Data Like A Business

I’ve spent years as a touring musician, building a skill set inclusive of video & audio production and design, lighting, and performance. This experience helps me to understand the elements of creating a professional audio/video project effectively.

I then spent several years creating content for various online platforms. From configuring software required to livestream or produce videos, to setting up lighting, green screens, transitions, and more – I’ve had a taste of it and understand the struggles that come with learning it. My goal is to pass that knowledge on to you in the form of high-quality, professional looking edits at affordable prices.

Rob from DataLAB reached out to me after seeing my YouTube channel. He needed an editor for a new business venture and saw what you could consider my side hustle. His course helped me to level this up to a full-time career, and through DataLAB I’m able to offer those skills to you.

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Partnering with DataLAB has made this process stress-free for both of us. Simply click the button and the process starts!

Book a consultation right here through the DataLAB website, and I’ll reach out to you shortly afterward! We’ll confirm the meeting and I’ll get a bit more information from you, and then we’re on the way to achieving your content goals.

Communication will be open throughout the process if you have questions or concerns – and you’ll get a high-quality professionally edited final product!